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quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2015

U.S.S Brave Sea (note)

"Floating in the waves, between the desires and losses at sea in their lives, here are U.S.S Brave sea. "

Sirens scream over the lights that illuminate only part of the sea, only the part in which he shows more violent and vengeful.
USS Brave Sea, locked in a battle with his enemy on a ship with black sails and no lighting at all. Brave looked like a gleaming fish for those who had seen the sea, but, at his side, a shadow that gripped dragged by a fog that kissed the water, but had not come from her.
The shots of the guns were fired, but did not succeed in hitting in any things that were there, hidden, watching them like a newborn baby observes the world, he learns ...
The sailors and captains were surprised by the element of surprise;
the ship itself turned against them.
The ropes support the candles were wrapped in helpless necks of some sailors, his feet were dragged into the boat attic and stayed there screaming in fear until they are silenced.
Desperate screams "Abandon ship" are heard in the boat's bow, but who dared to jump was pulled in again. Harpoons were thrown to fish the hearts of every one that shot and had success in reaching the sea. Fingers rip and tear the ship's wooden floor to lose your nails and make a trail of blood to the map room and being lost in terror that day had become. The ship was defeated by only remain the captain. In the captain's room was taken. In the captain's room off naked and whipped by anything. Time is distance, the ship sunk slowly, as they say ... The captain goes down with the ship.
Rumors that USS Brave Sea sails the seas today to pass their curse and can rest in peace at sea for eternity.

Yes, that was a bloody day.

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